Lust List - YELLOW

Lust List - YELLOW

Yellow just makes everyone feel happy.  Whether it's egg yolk or sunshine, mustard or citrus, yellow has smile-inducing properties.  It is also a very on-point colour, so I've collected some of my favourite objets, art & fashion in sunny tones to share with you. Simply click links below to shop.

1. Vaughan 'Bettie' Silk Shirt in California Sunshine Yellow.  98 USD.
2. Vicenza 'Floral Suede Heels' Yellow via Anthropologie 168 USD.
3. Star LED Neon Light via Gifts Less Ordinary 25$ SG.
4. Piers Bourke 'Singapore Flower in yellow & green' digital archive print, collaged on board with acrylic paint and ink. POA
5. Mister Zimi Jasmine Nina Jumpsuit. 180 AUD
6. Elyse & i Maisie Pineapple Pouch in jute & raffia embroidery.  40 USD
7. Anna Cuff in Lemonade Yellow by Hermina Wristwear 74.50 EUR
8. Yellow/Natural set of 6 rattan coasters at Bungalow 55 30$ SG

Read more about the colour yellow in our blog post 'Art Inspired' here.  Enjoy! Emily XOXO




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