Product Care


Our collections of bags and accessories require a great deal of workmanship, which is mostly carried out by hand in conjunction with machinery. This may mean that from time to time you’ll see some irregularities to the finishes of the bags. These peculiarities are unique traits of the design and should not be considered faults. They make your product extra special and unique to you!



Leather is a natural product and therefore it is impossible to avoid some of the variations in colour or texture that you might find on the leathers used to make our products. We aim to select and use the best leathers for our products. It is likely that with wear and use – in particular with the very soft, unstructured shapes - the colour or texture of your bag might alter slightly in colour. This is a natural consequence of the leathers we use. Please note that it is increasingly likely that a leather deemed to have a ‘vintage effect’ or is called a ‘pull up’ leather will change its look with wear – this is deliberate and intentional consequence of this type of leather.



It is recommended that before use, you spray your bag with a suitable leather (or fabric if applicable) protector to ensure it is made more resistant to rain and poor weather conditions. Should your bag become very wet then you should endeavour to dry it off with a clean cloth as soon as possible. We do recommend storing yours in the dust bag provided when they are not in use. Leather can be very impressionable and so it is advised that you take care not to store with items pressing against the leather.


We all try to keep our bags nice and clean but life inevitably means that some stains occur! In the event of a superficial stain, then you should dab the leather with a moistened sponge and then dry with a clean, dry cloth. Should leather become very wet then it is recommended that you keep it away from lightly coloured clothes. If you scratch the leather then it might be possible to remove this by lightly massaging the leather with your fingers.