Regal Frenzy

Regal Frenzy

What a weekend that was.  I don't think I have been so transfixed by a Royal Wedding since, I suspect, Prince Charles and Diana's in 1981 (yes, I am that old, I do remember it though had only just turned six).  William & Kate's wedding seemed to pass us by - maybe as it was on a weekday and despite the UK having a bank holiday it was life as usual in Singapore?  Yet, the nuptials of Harry & Meghan seemed to tap into a collective desire for happy news, a universal excitement to celebrate with this much-loved couple.  

My husband and I have long been fans of  legal TV drama Suits.  We've been watching it since the start - I remember Patrick J. Adams visited Singapore right around the time my daughter was due to be born in 2013.  I entered a competition to meet him citing that 'it would likely bring on an early labour' as a cunning ploy to win a selfie with him.  Of course it didn’t work (who wants a 9 months pregnant, hormone crazy lady-fan at a new-season photo opp?).   My point is that having watched and loved Suits for so long, been addicted to the Mike/Rachel love story, the suspension of disbelief line is crossed and you kid yourself that you actually know Ms. Meghan Markle.  So when it was announced that she will marry one of the most cherished of Royals, Prince Harry, you have to tune in, get out the bunting, put on a hat and pretend like you are in the crowds at Windsor.

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One person who didn’t need to pretend, who actually was at the Royal wedding, was Mrs Caroline Greenwood.  Caroline - aka @spikeymama - a lifestyle blogger who champions causes close to her heart such as autism and premature birth charities, was there with her husband Will, former England rugby star, who just last month completed a perilous expedition to the North Pole, raising over three-quarters of a million pounds for the charity, Borne.  Knowing they were going to the wedding, certainly did amplify my enthusiasm, I won’t lie.  Caro and I were at school together so I was thrilled when she said she wanted to carry an Elyse & i clutch.  [Forgotten fact - there was once a ‘Greenwood’ man-bag.  It was named after Will, worn by him and part of my debut Designer at Debenhams range of men’s bags called Cad by Cheet - Gethin Jones and Ben Shepherd also carried CADs.]

She carried the Nell bag which was made especially to match her beautiful hat (made by Emily London Millinery) in a blush pink nappa leather.  The Nell, our signature, hand-crafted knot bag, stood out fabulously against the verdant green, Maria Lucia Hohan ruffled dress.   Caroline & Will have been put on the ‘Best Dressed Guests’ list from publications such as ELLE, Telegraph Fashion, Times Fashion, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, the Sun and Esquire to name but a few… what a thrill indeed to have played a teeny tiny part in that accolade.  



Back to the wedding - we were watching Sky News simultaneously with the BBC on the laptop eagerly anticipating the Greenwoods' arrival.  Of course, the moment they appeared (sandwiched brilliantly in between Sarah Rafferty (Donna from Suits) and Gabriel Macht (Harvey from Suits - SWOON), I couldn’t get my phone unlocked so a comic circus ensued as we snapped really terrible pictures of their feet disappearing off the screen.

After speeding off to friends’ street party (bunting, giant telephone box selfie booth, brilliantly dressed up friends - thanks Lu & Nick for another legendary party) to watch with a load of Brits, Aussies and other nationalities, there was a minor-crisis as the internet's ability to keep up with the many millions watching the TV, made our big screen crash to the crowd's collective cry of horror.  Thank God for YouTube and with help from our friend ‘Back-up Becca’ we crowded round to see Meghan walk up the aisle in her splendidly minimal but breathtakingly chic, Givenchy dress.  She looked a gazillion dollars and not remotely phased by the knowledge that two billion people were watching from around the world.  Bless Prince Harry, I was sure he might pass out at one point through nerves.  And the rest they say is fairy tale / history.  It really  was a beautiful day and so refreshing to have a Happy News Day.   Thank you to sweet Caroline for letting Elyse & i into the castle.  My heartiest congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Sussex and now please come to Singapore on your way to the Invictus games so we can get out our flags again and wave to you in person!

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