Matisse Made Me

Matisse Made Me

Art has always been in my heart and many moons ago, I was heading to university to study it.  A last minute change of direction - brought about by realising I neither wanted to be an artist nor art teacher, the only two occupations I could imagine open to me - made me switch to a language/art history course instead.  It is funny how life pans out and here I am designing bags - the sketch pad got the better of me in the end.  

Matisse's work was always a fascination to me - loving both his use of strong, vibrant colours such as cobalt and yellow, the fluidity and movement in his bathers and dance pieces and exceptional draughtmanship.  When I was at school I loved life drawing - painting figures and nudes - there was something addictive in trying to convey and capture a never entirely still object.  The painting above, 'Girl in Yellow and Blue with Guitar' was painted in 1939 and now hangs in the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Yellow features quite substantially in my wardrobe - I favour bright, citrus pops over muted lemon/pastel notes.  This season you'll find the sunniest of hues in our Felix bag in sunshine yellow.  Don’t be scared about it’s brightness - yellow must be one of our best-selling bag colours for its ability to compliment most items in your wardrobe.  If this feels too bold then opt for the mustard Bee Mine embellished pouch.  Mustard is on point and you can find it widely on the high street now.    

If you feel that yellow 'drains' you in clothes then carrying a sunny bag is the easiest way to satifsy a sunshine burst without leaving you looking like you are coming out of the other side of the norovirus.  Vogue Italy says the colour to wear with yellow this summer is - purple.  I have to be honest and have struggled to find inspiration with these two colours together - my pinterest searches brought up old pictures of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air or the Lakers uniform.  By contrast, yellow and silver go together like pancakes and syrup - this Oscar de la Renta sequin dress & coat is mouthwatering.

Fashion is having a full on floral moment and my top pick at a mid-range price point would be this gorgeous dress from my favourite French brand, Sezane.  Finally, the most accessible yellow accent comes from these linen Bershka crop pants for a splash of summer.  For more yellow inspiration look at this week's Lust List Yellow here.



1.  Add a splash of colour with our Pineapple Pompoms in yellow & electric blue amongst other colours.

2.  The Felix camera bag in Sunshine Yellow will definitely lift your spirits if the sun isn't shining.

3.  The Wren bucket bag in cobalt blue will fit beautifully into your weekend wardrobe.

4.  The Mustard Bee Mine Pouch is too irresistible to ignore.

Henri Matisse - Girl in Yellow & Blue with Guitar, 1939 - source Pinterest

Be Happy Wear Yellow!



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