As a designer, there is nothing more thrilling than seeing the bag you conceived, created and brought to market being loved and worn by a customer.  As a small business owner, word-of-mouth marketing is absolutely integral - not only to reach more Elyse & i fans but also to rise above the noise from all the ‘big brands’ out there. 

So that we can grow the Elyse & i community, I invite you (or should that read beg you?!)  to share your style secrets with us or write a review of your bag.  Simply snap the bag and then add the tag #MyElyseandi when posting to social media (instagram or facebook) - OR send us an email with your review and/or picture and we can post on your behalf. 

Please do share your Elyse & i story with us today!


Emily Cheetham
Creative Director/Founder, Elyse & i