Our Brand Story


Elyse & i, a Singapore-based brand by British designer Emily Cheetham, embodies creativity, imagination, and heritage in its coveted line of handbags and accessories. Focused on craftsmanship and standout design, the brand sits proudly at the approachable end of luxury.  Each handmade bag, created with meticulous attention, reflects the brand's love for texture, sculpture, and pattern. 

From signature leather-knot embellished clutches to versatile day-to-night bags, Elyse & i’s aesthetic is sartorial yet practical. Exquisite finishes, quality hardware and surprise features such as interchangeable straps or hidden pockets take the bags to the next level.  

S U C C E S S 

Elyse & i bags have been clutched at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle (by Caroline Greenwood), worn by E! News Presenter Vetty King,  Mel ‘Sporty Spice’ C, Asia’s Got Talent Presenter/Singer Songwriter Anggun Cipta, TV/Radio Presenter Jenni Falconer, Style Influencers Bea Albero (Mr & Mrs Monnet), Ruby Kwan, Sarah Atiq and Anna Skoog (Annamavridis) as well as Hollywood actors Emma Thompson & Natascha McElhone. Elyse & i bags have been featured in many global publications including Vogue (online), Grazia, Marie Claire, ELLE, Harpers Bazaar, CLEO, In Style, Straits Times, FT, Red amongst many others. See our press page here. 

In over the fifteen years that has passed since 2005 when Cheetham founded her label on the kitchen table of her London flat, her creations have lined the shelves of stores from Europe to North America to Japan including Galeries Lafayette, Anthropologie, HP France, Tara Jarmon and Tangs. She has exhibited at prestigious Paris Fashion Week shows, won and been nominated for awards in London and New York, collaborated with high street retailers HOBBs, Debenhams as well as artist Claire Desjardins and corporate Procter & Gamble.