From Pilgrims to Purses….Thanksgiving & Anthropologie Announcement!

I’ve always felt an affinity with America - my parents met there, my sister was born there and visits from our childhood friend Amanda, who was from ‘over the pond’, with her blonde curls, Osh-Kosh dungarees and twangy accent felt extraordinarily exotic in England’s rural countryside.

So it is no exaggeration to convey the excitement of seeing our bag adorn the online pages of a store that has been a huge inspiration to me ever since I first stepped into its Broadway store in New York in my early twenties - yep, our collaboration bag with Canadian artist Claire Desjardins dropped into Anthropologie US just last week!  Drum roll please…see the Aquarelle Minaudière in its splendour here just in time for the holiday season…

It’s a nice segue as this week it’s Thanksgiving - a national holiday for Americans (but also
Canadians though they celebrate it next week).  Celebrated on the last Thursday in November, they give thanks to their Pilgrim forefathers for the previous season’s harvest.  Tradition has it that friends and family get together to feast on turkeys, yams and pumpkin pie, then watch a spot of American football and/or the Macy’s parade.

What has become another tradition, also founded in the US, is the day that follows Thanksgiving – infamously known as Black Friday. Stores in the USA (and now many other European countries too) open their doors at midnight to allow in hordes of revved up shoppers to snap up bargains, as items are heavily discounted in the anticipation of a good sell-through in the lead up to Christmas.  The term Black Friday has its meaning rooted in the fact that it is the day that allegedly marks the turning point for retailers to go from being ‘in the red’ (e.g. making a loss) to ‘in the black’ and turning a profit.

I remember being aghast at the news last year showing footage of stampedes even in the UK – frenzied shoppers, queuing for hours then hurling themselves through the doors,
trampling over the top of others to get their hands on a half-price TV set or two!  Gives new meaning to the phrase bargain hunters…

Black Friday now has an online companion in ‘Cyber Monday’ which is the Monday that follows Thanksgiving and is heralded as the biggest day in the calendar for online sales.

As a much safer bet from the marauding masses, why not shop from your sofa and enjoy our jumping on the bandwagon flash sale - it will run from Thursday 26th November until the end of Monday 30th November, offering you a pumpkin smashing 20% off*

Simply use the below promo code on checkout to benefit!

And remember, a handbag will always still fit even if you eat too much
turkey!!!  We give thanks to you our customers and loyal supporters – Happy Thanksgiving

*on orders of above 55$ only


ANTHROPOLOGIE see our Aquarelle Minaudière here!


Gobble up these Thanksgiving Tit Bits:

Image Credits: Huffington Post

  • According to the US Agricultural Dept. more than 45 million turkeys are cooked and eaten over the Thanksgiving period in the US alone.
  • Turkeys have great hearing but no external ears  (Source)
  • The name given to the flappy bit of skin on a turkey’s neck is a WATTLE
  • Move over Martha Stewart, the Mary Berry equivalent of US cooking for me is the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten. Here is her recipe for Pumpkin Pie. 
  • The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade started in 1924 and Snoopy has featured as a giant balloon in it more than any other character. If you are in NY then check out Time Out’s Guide to watching this year’s Parade here 
  • And finally, a bit of a curveball for the list but it made me smile - GQ magazine’s top 100 ‘most American’ things which is probably most-amusing as it’s compiled by non-Americans - nos. 58 and 59 made me chortle the most. READ IT HERE