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Tokyo Inspo.

Tokyo Inspo.



I love Japan and especially Tokyo - the food, the vibrancy, bright lights, retail on every corner and the cheerful monotony of the universal sales assistants welcome call, "irasshaimase" (phonetically - e-rah-sshy-mah-say).  And how that end 'say' part seems to linger on and on and on...

Japanese style can be a cool mix of urban minimalism to being completely quirky and off the charts in flamboyance.  Whatever it is, I've always been struck with how confident Japanese women are in their styling.  With all that in mind, this Mood Board, is an homage to that easy, sense of styling. 

Like all of my mood-boards, I've selected brands that I know to be high in quality or reliable in shipping.  The boys from Glen Prince are old friends and digging out my GP scarf collection is a highlight of trips to cooler European climes.  I'm amassing a tidy rack of Superga sneakers - they are so easy to wear and comfortable.  Luxe Guides are an essential travel companion and with their 35 destinations, chances are they have a guide for your next mini-break. 

Tanoshimu!! (meaning 'enjoy' in Japanese!)

1.  Glen Prince linen/modal mix butterfly scarf available from Glen Prince of Great Britain's website here. Also available in pink.

2. Theory's 'Delissa' striped stretch-knit midi dress available (and on sale now) from here

3.  Savannah Mini in Navy Blue nappa leather with in-built wallet and detachable strap by Elyse & i - shop it here

4. Luxe Guide to Tokyo - available from most good bookstores and from their website here.

5. Superga Cotmetu Sneaker in Silver - from their website here or most department stores and online retailers. 

6. Cluse Silver Mesh La Boheme watch - with free global shipping directly from their website here.