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Red Crush

Red Crush
Lifting inspiration from a post by @rougecloset, this matchy-matchy shoe/bag combo is given an edgier look with the embellished McQueen jeans and crisp white Vaughan silk shirt. Our newest bucket bag, the Wren, in hot red calfskin, adds an easy downtown note.  Pointy pumps link it all together.
Did you know?
Red is the colour of happiness in Chinese culture and symbolises good luck, joy and prosperity so it is also strictly forbidden at funerals.  This contrasts to some Western cultures who view red as a sign of danger.  The phrase 'seeing red' or 'red rag to a bull' refers to the anger that insues after a matador taunts a bull with his red cape willing it to charge in bullfighting. While the first reference to a crimson or red carpet can be traced to as far back as 458 BC in the play Agamemnon by Aeschylus, it is believed that the ritual of giving someone the 'red carpet treatment'goes back to 1902 when The New York Central Railroad used red carpets to direct passengers on board their 20th Century Limited passenger train.  
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