Sweat Fest

Sweat Fest

Keeping up exercise, I have realised, is really the best way to keep sane these days.  It also goes a little way into combatting the extra calories I seem to have little concern in consuming (Easter, then a birthday, general rediscovered love of carbs = chocolates, cakes, spaghetti a few times a week). 

I have been a regular F45'er for the past few years and am able to keep that up with their multi-daily zoom workout videos - I end up doing them retrospectively (so convenient to access 24/7) and afterwards feel great for having got a sweat on, feeling calmer and more energised afterwards.  I've started running a bit too and we do daily bike trips with our kids.  Getting fresh air is a bit of an oxymoron in the humidity of Singapore but being out of the house is definitely good for all of our mental health - plus we can go outside and feel grateful for this.  Adding some meditation to the mix would be beneficial for all as - despite best intentions -  home schooling intensifies and tempers (mostly my own) flare. 

When Sweaty Betty sent me an email last week with these glorious, high shine petrol blue leggings, I was in love.  I don't own any SB gear but these are tempting me!   Without further a do, here is an exercise-at-home moodboard for your perusal...


1. Marcello Velho Sunlight Graphic Tee - at Anthropologie.  Such a fan of Anthro and they deliver to Singapore! Whoop.  This tee will make the sun shine...

2. Victory Sports Bra - by Sweaty Betty.  Anything in acid green gets my vote. 

3. Dumbbells - by  Most places in SG have sold out of kettlebells, bands and dumb bells but this store looks like it has stock. 

4. Mini Metal Water Bottle - by Typo.  Metal water bottles are great for keeping water cold (and better than wasting plastic) - essential for our climate. 

5. Turkish peshtemal towels - by Tara's World. Light weight and quick drying - ideal for mopping up sweat!

6. Bonjour Nina Croissant embroidered Pouch - by Elyse & i.  A generously sized jute pouch with gym-proof water resistant lining. 

7. Bare Blends Protein Powder - by Bare Blends at Scoop Wholefoods, Tanglin Mall.  I love this protein powder - add to smoothies (makes them go as fluffy as clouds), breakfast bowls or protein balls.  Great post-workout to aid recovery. 

8. Tropical Vibes Tote - by Elyse & i -  Water-resistant lining so you can throw in your sweaty gear after a swim or workout, jute exterior with hand-embroidery. Straps that go over your shoulder.   

9.  High Shine High Waisted 7/8 Workout Leggings - by Sweaty Betty.  The shine! Say no more.  #wishlist


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