Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter!

As promised on insta stories and in my previous post - here is my tutorial on how to make a super cute Easter Bunny Egg Cosy! You could make one for a boiled egg or a chocolate egg for Easter.  My kids made these two above together with a colourful egg card to send to their cousins in England as a gift.  This is such an easy project for children of all ages - we made them with left over bits of felt, pompoms etc that we have at home but otherwise all materials easily available at Daiso, Spotlight or online.  You can tailor this to suit the age of your child easily too.

1) First up - download my template sheet HERE (it's a PDF) - and print it at ACTUAL SIZE.  The egg cosy body will measure 10 x 10 cm.  The steps to follow are on the sheet but I will outline them briefly here too.

2) Materials needed:
Some felt (any colour), googly eyes (you could also use a marker pen or sew on some small buttons/sequins) , 2 x small pompoms, 2 x 10cm pieces of white wool or ribbon, scrap of pattern or contrast material for bunny ears, thread (I used embroidery thread but you could use button hole thread or normal thread), scissors, craft glue or glue gun and needle.

3) Lay out the templates onto your felt and either draw around then cut or pin and cut.  Bunny body part x 2, bunny ears x 2, bunny ear insides x 2

4) Glue bunny ear insides onto the bunny ears.  Then glue ears INSIDE the top of the two body parts.  Tip - use some pritt stick type glue and lightly glue all around so that it does not slip when children are sewing.

5) Use a hole cutter on the smallest setting to punch holes into the perimeter of the bunny body. This works as an easy guide for small children to then sew. You could also mark the spaces to sew with a marker pen for older children who will use a proper needle to sew.

6) Sew using a running stitch - Elyse sewed hers all the way around and then came back to fill in all the gaps.  Ensure ends are double stitched or tied off.

7) Glue on the face - tie a knot into whisker strings glue onto the body and glue pompom onto the top.  Glue on the googly eyes. NB: I used a glue gun to ensure eyes were really securely onto the egg cosy because we were gifting to small children.  You could also sew on a sequin or buttons for eyes/nose.

8) Glue/sew on a pompom to the back of the bunny for a tail and you are done!

9) We then made a card as we were gifting them to others  - fold an A4 sheet in half.  Separately, draw and colourfully colour in an Easter egg.  Stick the egg onto the paper but only stick on the bottom third of the egg to the card.  Cut some grass from a piece of green paper using jagged cuts and stick over the bottom of the egg.  Slide on the egg cosy and voila - Easter Egg surprise card!


I hope you and your children enjoy this craft activity. Why not make another version - maybe an Easter chick or another animal entirely? Stay home and stay safe everyone. Please tag us on instagram, facebook or send me a picture by email of your creations so that I can share! Hoppy Easter!



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