Suits You Sir

Suits You Sir

That the suit or blazer be limited to ‘business attire’ is an outdated notion nowadays.  Just scroll through IG and you’ll find a ton of posts of #ootd sharers wearing plaid, printed, block coloured (bright or muted) two-pieces or jackets. Work and off duty 'uniforms' overlap as office cultures become more relaxed, especially in non-conventional work environments such as the arts, tech or start ups.  Maybe traditional financial institutions still toe the traditional tailoring line but even those lines are blurring - having a husband who works for a hedge fund, I have a reliable source and know that neither he nor his colleagues don a tie -  pretty much ever. 
Images above - Clare Foy, Eve, Alessia Cara

With a splurge of blazers and suiting two-pieces on the scene, it seems that women, from boardroom to bloggers, school-run Mums, musicians and actors are being collectively empowered by dressing in a two-piece suit.  Look back at this year’s Grammys and Golden Globes for red-carpet reflections of women wearing interpretations of what has been the traditional masculine tux silhouette.  More deliberate styling than coincidentally coordination in a post “Me Too” era. 
The pink suit has to be a personal favourite. This (see headline image) Baujken pink suit first caught my eye on  @artinthefind feed who styled it with a breton and clashing red pumps for an easy, downtown look.  There's been much made of how social media is ruining our lives lately.  Don't get me wrong, I am in total agreement that individuals or parents must set boundaries so that we stop the tidal wave gripping a generation who feel it necessary to always be in 'audition-mode', that we curtail this thirst for validation from others (how many likes/followers have I got etc.) and promote a balanced approach of sharing with friends what's real, honest and not exaggerated.  But as a brand AND as a user, I cannot deny the excitement I get from the discovery side of instagram - be that unearthing a new brand, restaurant or fitness routine to how many of you discover Elyse & i from insta.

But back to the moodboard - my take on la vie en rose is to keep the styling casual like @artinthefind does with a playful tee, leopard sneakers and accessories from some of my favourite brands that tie together the look.  Grown up and pinkalicious all in one.  For days when top-to-toe pink isn't your mood, throw the jacket over black with heels like @theoliviasway does here. 
Credits and shoppable links below.  Enjoy!


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2| Baujken - THE CIGARETTE PANT in Winter Blush (on sale now) - shop here
3| Fabienne Chapot - JOANNE STATEMENT TEE - shop here
4| Finlay & Co - DAWSON FRAMES GOLD - shop here
5| Lustre Jewellery - RHODOLITE GARNET EARRINGS - shop here
6| Elyse & i - NELL KNOT CLUTCH CHAMPAGNE - shop here
7| Golden Goose - STARLAND SNEAKERS FROM SHOPBOP - shop here
Image sources - instagram, pinterest or as links above


Oct 12, 2018

Thanks for saying so Cat – us ladies must all remember to go for a boob check up regularly! #breastcancerawareness Hope you are well XOXO

Emily from Elyse & i
Oct 12, 2018

Loving the pink Emily and what a fantastic little outfit selection you’ve put together. Great advice in the boob front too!

Cat Preston

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