Our Craftsmanship

Accessories have upped their tempo and now its not out of place that your bag choice can anchor your outfit and be the starting point of what to wear.  This is a somewhat paradoxical attitude to the Betty Draper era where purses and shoes were ‘finishing touches’ to match a cocktail dress or twinset.

My mission as a designer is to create bags and accessories that are both aesthetically arresting as well as practically useful.  To exude luxury through traditional craftsmanship and lasting quality.  To achieve fantasy whilst offering an attainable price tag.  

Each of the bags is meticulously thought through.  From how it looks and first grabs your attention, to the practical considerations about how it might be clutched or carried.  How will it close?  How many pockets would be useful?  Right down to how the zip puller should be.  Flexibility and added value are paramount - whether this is an adjustable strap that turns a clutch to a crossbody or how to maximise versatility by having a contrasting sided clutch bag.  To the immeasurable pleasure that the bag you are carrying is a unique, limited edition piece.

Our customers connect with the meaningful stories behind each of our creations.  A chord is struck when a bag is both fantastical and practical.  

Slow Fashion Not Fast Fashion

If the mainstream is ‘fast-fashion’, then the Elyse & i brand could be termed as ‘slow fashion’.  My philosophy is to create lasting pieces that transcend seasons and popular trends.  The bags take many man hours to produce as much of the work is done by hand not by using machines.  The signature line of bags’ have knots and sculptural elements that require hand-made pipings to be worked into motifs and hand stitched onto each bag. 

Where there is a complicated pattern - each stripe of leather will have the edges turned before being carefully laid down in the right order before being glued and then stitched.  Poppers are covered in leather, leather is cut by hand (or by using a ‘dye’ for certain elements of the pattern), the inside collar of a bag shaped to follow the contour of a magnet or perhaps there is a row of leather cross-hatching which has been created entirely by hand.